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What time do I pick up my meals?

Meal pick-up time is each Wednesday or Saturday (depending on the day you choose) at 700 E. High Street. We'll be here to greet you! Our daily hours are 7am-2pm, Tuesday-Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday.  (For Columbia or Studio573 hours, please see the "About Us" page.)


I can't tolerate gluten.  How can I be sure there's no gluten my meals?

Everything that we make is gluten-free.  It's a totally gluten-free kitchen, so you have no worries about cross-contamination.  


What is Love2Nourish all about?

Feeding you good food, helping you meet your goals - both fitness and dietary.  We know that you lead a busy life. Our wish is that you have the opportunity to meet your nutrition goals with the healthy, delicious, fresh meals we provide.

What kind of variety in meals can I expect?
We offer a large variety of meals, including traditional meals and international and seasonal cuisine. The menus will be posted two weeks in advance to give you the opportunity to make your choices.

What is your philosophy for weight loss and weight management?
Eating and exercise go hand in hand...and fueling your body with the RIGHT food is a must.  Each meal will list the macros (total calories, total fat, total carbs, and total protein) so that it takes the guesswork out of your daily calorie counts.

What is the deadline to place an order?
We ask that you place an order for by Sunday at midnight each week.  This is so we have time to source the freshest ingredients possible for your meals.

How do I reheat my meals?
We serve all of our meals in air-tight, microwave-safe, BPA-free containers.  Simply place the meal container that you want to heat up in the microwave (with the lid slightly popped) for approximately 45 seconds.  Of course, this will vary with the type of microwave you are utilizing, and will vary by the type of food...we don't want to heat up salads!  You do NOT have to reheat in the microwave.  You may choose to reheat your meals on the stovetop or in the's entirely up to you.

How will I know what ingredients are in my meals?
Each meal container will include a full ingredient list so you will know exactly what you're eating.

How long do my meals stay fresh?
Our meals stay fresh, when refrigerated properly, for up to 5-6 days.  The meals are never frozen and are prepared fresh each week.  You may freeze them at your own discretion

For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:


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