Love2Nourish Testimonials...

"I've lost 12 pounds.  Blood sugar is down.  A1C down.  I told my PCP that I am using your service for almost all my meals.  Thanks!!!"  

...L2N Customer


"Just wanted to say that here at the end of the fifth week we've been eating your meals, I have now lost about 8 lbs. I know my hubby has also lost weight, but I don't ask him how much. I can just tell.  I had been planning to get us into SOME kind of healthier eating plan, whether it was Nutri-System, Weight Watchers, or whatever, but I really wanted one that I could just eat pre-made meals because of my crazy schedule.  Your meals are SO much better than "packaged" pre-made meals....yours are actually REAL food prepared in REAL ways."  

...L2N Customer

“Before Love2Nourish reopened at the corner of Lafayette and E. High, I went hungry! I had developed a healthy habit of popping in every week to stock up on Laurel’s perfectly portioned meals. She uses fresh, natural ingredients and prepares them in a delicate, simple way. The concept of food as medicine must be true because my arthritis has improved and my skin hasn’t been this clear since I was 10 years old! Chatting with owner, creator Laurel and her team of three, Callie, Diane and Tony, is also a joy.
Oh yes, and my physician husband recommends love2nourish for his patients.”

...Kim Robbins

You all have an incredible company. Thank you so much for making amazing meals that are both affordable and amazing. I look forward every week to seeing your menu. I've been placing weekly orders and have been more and more impressed each week.


You all are the best!  ...L2N Customer

Ashley's Story...

Let’s face it, eating healthy is something we all want to do, and know we need to do, but the convenience of fast food often outweighs our healthy eating goal.  As a mother of three small children and with working 60+ hours a week between my career and our small businesses, it is difficult to find time to prepare nutritious on-the-go meals.   I needed convenient food to fit my hectic life schedule. Fortunately, I discovered Love2Nourish.


First, Laurel, the owner, is friendly, patient, and customer oriented. She truly does everything she can to make the experience one that will keep customers coming back. From her convenient online ordering, to her creative and excellent tasting food choices, to her weekly menu emails, and last, but certainly not least, her front door delivery service, she is running a top notch small business. The ordering process is simple - you log on to the website, view the menu, add your food selections to your cart, and then pay. Piece of cake.


I typically order three to four meal options for breakfast and lunch each week. Dinner and the other one or two days in the work week and weekends that I don’t purchase meals for, I’m on my own. Since I started ordering, I have noticed an increase in my energy and an overall sense of feeling satisfied after eating each meal. Since Laurel ensures most meals have high protein in them, the meals leave you feeling full for longer, which means less snacks or cravings between meals. In three short months, I have lost 12 pounds. With my hectic schedule, I am not working out (unless chasing children around the house counts!) and the only change I’ve made to my diet is incorporating Laurel’s meals. I do still cheat and have ice cream, cake, and fried food every now and then. The best part is, I get to enjoy food that I love, while losing weight! Shrimp, blueberry pancakes, buffalo chicken bites, and frittatas, oh my!


If you’ve been trying to eat healthier, want on-the-go convenient meal options and wouldn’t mind possibly losing a few pounds along the way, then I’d encourage you to give Love2Nourish a try!